Problems with customer service and exam experiences

There have been some issues with bad exam experiences and unresponsive customer service lately. I would like to hear if there have been any other problems. This situation is utterly unacceptable. 

1. From Rosanna Chiu:

"My student registered…


Harps for Hope in Ireland

Ann B has sent along an interesting message 

Harp Ireland are hosting Harps for Hope: a series of harp performances by renowned and new Irish Harpers, to promote the harp, offer solace, and support Harpers during the pandemic. Between


chord inversions

I have always felt that the chord inversions should be played the normal way they appear in most pieces, rather than the hands in parallel formation as they are shown in the technique requirements. This would mean the left hand…


sight reading

they need to prepare sight reading that is not piano material!!  comments?



do we want to suggest repertoire? or at least composers to consider?


Grade 9

Is it meant to be a grade 10 without excerpts?  Does it have enough content? What about technical requirements? 


grade levels

As Lani said - grade levels are all over the map.

Can we add comments or specifics?