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Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau will be performing at the Chan Centre the next evening on March 26 in Moe Clark: Feast of the Invisible. Eveline will do a workshop for us on Friday. She brings a unique perspective with her eclectic career. It should be very interesting!

Her idea is to start with a brief presentation of her projects, some of the tools she uses, how she wants to integrate the harp in various genres/styles, and to explain, show some videos of her different projects. Since we’ll have the harp there, she can sing a few songs or improvise a bit. But she is definitely super interested to have some students play as well, give some kind of feedback on specific pieces, compositions, or songs. Questions are welcome at any time, or it could be at the end as well with the students ‘performances. Eveline has done some teaching /workshops on pop harp writing, but also was a Harp Teacher at McGill University (where she studied). She did Bachelor and Master In Harp Performance at McGill, and a Performance degree at the Manhattan School of Music. She has been working as a freelance harpist since 2005, but, since 10 years, she has been working in the rock and roll world( with The Barr Brothers), did a lot of playing with some brilliant French singer/songwriters (Pierre Lapointe, among others), MSO, IMUSICI DE MONTREAL(soloist), Moe Clark, Cordâme(jazz), Celtic , etc. Eveline is at the stage of pre-production of her second singer/songwriter album with her jazz quartet. Lots of projects! Students can be comfortable playing or asking questions in any genre.

Livestream info will be available at subscriber home page.