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Looking to buy an antique pedal harp - condition is not as important as age; will restore.  Contact marilyn@harpcanada.com

Student is looking for a small double-strung harp - contact marilyn@harpcanada.com

For Sale

Hello my name is Elizabeth Leon
I live in Kelowna BC
I have an Aoyama Harp (Google link below)
listed for 2,000, but will accept 1,500:)
250 870 4317


This 5 octave-36 string harp with a full lever set, starting and ending on C,  is for sale.  Built by Dusty Strings in 2012, this FH36H is in mint condition. 
  • Full set of Loveland sharping levers
  • Threaded Tuning Pins
  • Walnut wood construction, bringing impressive amount of depth, power and articulation to the characteristic bright and clear sound.
  • Delux padded case included.
  • Accessories: custom tuning wrench, KORG tuner
  • Todays Value -NEW- is $6000.

PRICE: $4000

I may be contacted by email:  judybeas@msn.com

For Rent