Harp Day returns in 2020 online!

We're super excited to say that the Vancouver Harp Day is returning October 24th, 2020!  Except that this time it will be available to everyone, regardless of where you live, as it will come to you live on-line! 

The concept for harp day was to provide some community, some opportunity to learn and to share and to experience the fun of playing together in a big concert!

The big ensembles won't happen, but there will be workshops where you'll learn a new piece, a virtual merchandise table, several panels and a concert featuring students from Vancouver and beyond - all through your internet connection and Zoom meetings.

The West Coast Harp Society board is busy planning now, and registration is open now. Limited seats, so please join us today! One registration is one connection so the whole household can get involved! 

here's something to tempt you - 

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  • Elizabeth Volpé Bligh
    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh Vancouver
    Looking forward to it!

    Looking forward to it!

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