AHS Coaching and Evaluation program

The West Coast Harp Society participated in the American Harp Society's Auditions and Evaluations program online on Sunday, April 18 and Sunday, May 16, 2021. We were delighted that Sharlene Wallace agreed to be the coach/advisor! This was not a competition but a friendly, constructive environment designed to help people along in their harp journey.  Each student had 15 minutes total to play a short piece, or part of a piece, and receive coaching. Then, a month later we did it all again to check on the progress!

Because of limited space, we only could accept one or two students from each teacher's studio as space allowed. 

Teachers whose students participated had to be national members of the American Harp Society. Participants had to be members of the West Coast Harp Society.  Students interested in playing spoke to their teachers - and if they did not have a teacher, emailed Elizabeth Volpé Bligh <evolpebligh@gmail.com>  Elizabeth accepted registrations according to available space and sent a link for payment to those who were to play.  The cost was $50 plus membership. Those who paid for the Harp Day last fall 2020 are already members! (If you are unsure if your membership is up to date, you can email Marilyn Rummel at marilyn@harpcanada.com)

The target demographic for this was: beginners, early intermediates and adult students. 

Observers registered on this page. Players, contact evolpebligh@gmail.com


Playing participants - When your participation has been approved by email from Elizabeth Volpé Bligh you will receive a passcode that will get you to the payment page - click here and enter your passcode. If you are not already a member, you will have to click both buttons, one for the membership, the other for the entry fee, Thanks,  and we look forward to hearing you play!