West Coast Harp Society Membership

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This is a family membership - all members of the household living under one roof. It includes registration in Oct 2021 harp day, and the chance to watch or attend the masterclasses, and other events though the year.

In 2021 - 2022 you have a choice - you can buy an annual membership for $39 (here), or use the subscriber button on the side to purchase on a monthly basis. Please don't do both :)  If you have already paid and still see the option to subscribe monthly, please look for the email that offers you a free membership subscription, and complete that. Then you'll no longer see this page, but instead will go straight to the content. Please use the contact button if you have any troubles.

Participation in some workshops and masterclasses may have additional fees, but membership will include many opportunities for auditing at no extra cost, and links to view the recordings.

Thanks for your support!