RCM Syllabus discussion

The West coast harp society teachers, representing many if not most of the teachers who prepare students for RCM exams, are preparing a submission to the RCM regarding their new harp syllabus, said to be in the "planning stages"

Let's collect all our thoughts here, and use this to prepare our submission. I've added the comments I've received by email, and people can add more as they think of them. If you need to have a new topic, just email me and I'll set it up. Marilyn@harpcanada.com

chord inversions 

I have always felt that the chord inversions should be played the normal way they appear in most pieces, rather than the hands in parallel formation as they are shown in the technique requirements. This would mean the left hand would play the root position chord, and the right hand would begin on the first inversion, to make an 8-note chord.

Grade 9 

Is it meant to be a grade 10 without excerpts?  Does it have enough content? What about technical requirements?