These are the minutes of the West Coast Harp Society meetings. If you haven't paid your membership please consider doing so.

Minutes of January 9, 2022 general meeting on Zoom.

Alyssa Katahara Workshop - Feb. 27, 2022 - on preparing for competitions - afternoon - 2 or 3 hours with a Question and Answer period at end 

Harp Technician - Karen Rokos - 3 harps in a day. Elizabeth sent out an email on December 30th. $375 Canadian plus tax for pedal harps, $75 plus pro-rated travel fees plus tax for lever harps. Elizabeth is collecting everyone's names and then will pass the information to Karen for scheduling. She will be coming the 2nd week of March (planned for the 11th for now) and will stay for a week. She will likely continue on to Vancouver Island after Vancouver. 

Masterclasses and Workshops - consider moving to Hybrid options in the spring 

Strings: Marilyn's Husband is researching strings and looking for gut strings - old and broken one's are great. if you have, please package them with as much information you may have about them and send them over. Send them to Marilyn's mailing address: 
1050 Lee St. Duncan, BC V9L 2J6 

Proposed event from Marilyn: Have a tour of Joseph's workshop. Maybe next Harp Day? 

Returning to regulations: Marilyn is gathering names of those on the Island who are interested and as of now - will be waiting on the Vancouver list first so Karen can see how long she will be in Vancouver. 

Karen Rokos is also willing to do a workshop while she is here - likely the basics. 

RCM - Elizabeth will gather the notes on the RCM and send the completed info to Judy Loman and Anne Marie Page after they are gathered and we have checked with everyone to make sure we have the advice and suggestions from all the teachers using RCM exams. Update: Elizabeth will be meeting with three RCM Syllabus committee members on Zoom on January 17, 2022. 
Discussing the concerns about the RCM Syllabus. Joy offered one of the biggest concerns is the workload asked of the younger students who cannot manage the requirements for the students. 
ABRSM is a great option. Look at Trinity UK syllabus for ideas on how to improve RCM's.  
More support materials are needed for the harp. Ear-training materials should be more harp-specific.  
Consideration of additional grades. 

Sasha Boldachev - March 26-27 Masterclass - Elizabeth has written a contract, and sent it to the Board for approval, then sent it to Sasha. We will try to fill it up with the higher level students and know what their repertoire is going to be. We want to make sure that they are really prepared technically so that he can work on musicality. 

Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau - She will play on March 26th at the Chan Centre. She will do a masterclass at the Chan Centre Performers' Lounge on Thursday, March 24 in the evening. Elizabeth and Rosanna will work on how to live stream the event. 

Elizabeth will be doing a workshop for Harps Etc. on May 19th and is offering to do the same workshop for WCHS. (Maybe in June?) 

Workshop on May 7th or 14th with Sunita Staneslow. 

We will leave Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang concert and masterclass until after the pandemic when she can come in person. 

Alison and Elizabeth suggest another meeting. 

February 6th at 7pm next WCHS meeting - sent next Zoom link in email