grace Han Student Fund Raising Project 2024

Hi I'm Grace Han, I'm a 13 year old harp student and have studied harp for 7 years. I am excited to share my upcoming harp fundraising initiative that begins with an eight-week teaching project at Langley Fine Arts School.   At the end of the eight-week project, we will host an informal performance showcasing the students' progress in front of the Grade 5 class. This will be an opportunity to highlight the harp program and generate further interest and support.
I thank the West Coast Harp Society for their generosity to kick start this project with $500 donation, as well as providing this space for collect donations.  If you would like more information or be part of my project, please email me at  I will be updating my progress at my website at

In addition to the fundraising efforts, we plan to share our project experience with the
West Coast Harp Society, potentially through a presentation at Harp Day. We also aim
to recommend student harpists to become members of WCHS and explore more
collaborative performance opportunities.
I prepared a video essay as part of this fund raising project.  Thank you for watching!


Grace Han Fund Raising 2024
  • Grace Han Fund Raising 2024

Grace Han Fund Raising 2024

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Grace Han Fund Raising 2024

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