Sasha Boldachev - Fantastic Concert and masterclasses!!

Here's what Lori Pappajohn had to say about the concert last Sat Feb 3rd

"That was probably one of the best harp concerts that I've ever been to. Sasha is pure genius. What an amazing player! Not only does he have a built-in genius for the harp, but you can tell he has put in thousands of hours of hard work. His playing is effortless and so virtuosic as to make you want to fall off your chair in amazement! His arrangements of pieces where the harp 'becomes the whole orchestra' are astounding (i.e. Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers). Everything is by memory. He has millions and millions of notes in his head -- and all in the right order! And he practices in the dark! Sasha is also one of those rare musicians who have total command of both the classical and non-classical world. Sasha is opening new doors in the harp world -- and what we see through those doors is fantastic. I hope he comes back to North America soon!"

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