Island Mountain Arts Harp School

There are still a few spots open in the Island Mountain Arts harp classes running Aug 15 - 19! Snag a spot if you're looking for fine instruction in an on-line workshop format. The classes are kept small so although it is on-line, you'll have lots of attention from your marvelous instructor!

The focus is lever harp, and mostly adults and teens. Sharlene Wallace is teaching the advanced class this year, Sunita Staneslow the intermediate, and Shoshanna Godber the beginner/intermediate class. Shoshanna's class can be taken in Wells, BC in person !!! or on line. And there is a special discount available for her class. Look your email on the subject, or contact for more details.

Also included are afternoon sessions by each instructor that are presentations to the whole group, and evening concerts by the instructors and others each evening. The school is a great value and has proved its worth over the last almost 40 years!  Registration is here -  

The school has now expanded to be a harp and cello school, so if you have cello players in your mix, they may wish register as well. The marvelous Morag Northey is teaching on-line. Details at the same link!

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