Supporting artists~

We all know how many bazillion concerts have been cancelled and what a financial blow that is to those who make most of their living that way.   We received a nice note from Lesley Hartford this week, which we're posting for all about a way to support Alexander (Sasha) Boldachev.

I have subscribed to be a patron of Alexander as he clearly is struggling for some income right now. He is on Patreon. At the moment he only has 15 patrons...I wondered if you could put on the west coast society website. He is actually quite attentive and will answer questions if you send him any( I was amazed!). Incredibly expensive for lessons, but can be a patron for 5/20/50 $ US per month. 

It is a great idea - and we;re encouraging all to look at supporting Sasha and anyone else that you can manage!  

Lesley has furthere added that he does video chats with his patrons - once coming up this week. How cool is that to support your favourite artists, and be connected when we can't hear them play in concert. 

You can search for him on Patreon and the basic cost is $5 per month!



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